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Hello all and welcome to Site of the Kibojoe Linux

So what is Kibojoe Linux? Kibo is one of three volcanic cones (the other two are Mawenzi and Shira) of Killimanjaro, the highest mountain/stratovolcano in Africa (Tanzania). We adopted the name joe from Joe Wingbermuehle, the creator and maintainer of Joe's Window Manager (JWM), wrote a window manager and called it JWM to run on the X window system. So paying tribute to Manjaro Linux and Joe, combine the name unto one, hence Kibojoe. The logo represents the union of the Manjaro with the JWM: i) the volcano (green color) and ii) the letter j represents the interior of the volcano and the cloud over it (blue color). Kibojoe Linux is an re-spin easy, fast, elegant and powerful. It's efficient, stable, modern, reliable and user-friendly GNU/Linux operating system. Kibojoe Linux is configured and optimized for it easily perform routine computing needs and activities of our day-to-day. It's incorporates the Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS) philosophy, is rolling-release and compatible with all the the benefits of Manjaro Linux and ArchLinux. Created with "Manjaro-Tools" and always maintained collaboratively.

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